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Guest strips are non-story strips not drawn by Fred Gallagher.

A portion of these strips appeared in 2001 as part of a guest strip contest intended to serve as filler during a one-week vacation. Such a contest was never repeated since, according to Fred, judging the entries took more time than actually drawing three regular strips himself (in Megatokyo 2 Fred states that there were over 500 entries).

List of strips

Date Strip Guest artist Title (strip list) Title (in the strip) Notes
2001-02-05 76 Christian Fundin (Little Gamers) Guest Strip: Little Gamers GST:01
2001-02-09 78 Greg Dean (Real Life) Guest Strip: Real Life Comics
2001-02-21 83 Michael Poe Guest Strip: Exploitation Now GST:03
2001-05-09 117 Nick Yu (The Bad Boys of Computer Science) Guest Strip: Bad Boys of CS GST:04
2001-05-21 122 Sarah Wooden Seraphim Amex Fun GST:05
2001-06-22 136 Lem Pew (Hot Soup) Guest Strip: Hot Soup GST:06
2001-06-29 139 - guest strip contest GST:07
2001-07-09 142 Ian McConville, Matt Boyd (Mac Hall) GS Contest Winner: piro's happy place insert title
2001-07-10 143 Akira Hasegawa GS Contest Winner: mt the shoujo manga
2001-07-11 144 H.S. Kim (Krazy kimchi) GS Contest Winner: largo the victorious
2001-07-12 145 Sarah Stone, Erich Alejandro GS Contest Winner: you are the leader
2001-07-13 146 The Brothers Grinn GS Contest Winner: use shorter taunts Typing Woes
2001-07-16 147 Eric Y. Huang GS Contest Winner: MT - behind the scenes
2001-08-09 156 Johno Kantz GS Contest Winner: beer-nyo! dom dom...
2001-08-10 157 Sam Brown GS Contest Winner: Hayaaaa-sucka
2001-12-28 209 Ian McConville, Matt Boyd (Mac Hall) GS: The Secret Monestary of Webcomicry When the Piro is away…
2002-06-03 267 Ian McConville, Matt Boyd (Mac Hall) Mac Hall - Rejected Mac Hall Ideas GST:17
2002-07-29 291 Greg Dean (Real Life) GS: RealLIfe Tellefragging
2004-12-13 647 Mohammad F. Haque (Applegeeks) guestart: girlsnightout.p4k GST:??
2005-03-30 692 Mohammad F. Haque, Ananth Panagaria (Applegeeks) Guest Strip: impending d00m GST:??
2006-04-12 845 Mohammad F. Haque, Ananth Panagaria (Applegeeks) Guest Strip: The Wonderful Toys of Tokyo
2006-04-19 847 Mohammad F. Haque, Ananth Panagaria (Applegeeks) Guest Strip: One more building (notes)
2006-04-21 848 Dan Kim (Clone.Manga) Guest Strip: Rainy Day DPD:yayalmostdoneyay! (notes)
2007-02-06 970 Mohammad F. Haque DPD:(disturbingly) cute piroko DPD:lotsandlotsofem
2007-05-30 1006 Mohammad F. Haque I feel so fake meanwhile... I feel so fake [MWL:01] (notes)
2007-06-01 1007 Mohammad F. Haque Not Working meanwhile... Not Working [MWL:02]
2007-06-03 1008 Mohammad F. Haque GST: not working at all meanwhile... not working at all [MWL:03]
2007-06-06 1009 Mohammad F. Haque GST: afraid meanwhile... afraid [MWL:04]
2007-06-08 1010 Mohammad F. Haque GST: is that bad? meanwhile... is that bad? [MWL:05]
2007-06-11 1011 Mohammad F. Haque GST: real brains meanwhile... real brains [MWL:06]
2007-06-13 1012 Mohammad F. Haque GST: it real meanwhile... it real [MWL:07]
2007-06-15 1013 Mohammad F. Haque GST: really real meanwhile... really real [MWL:08]
2007-06-18 1014 Mohammad F. Haque GST: overdoing it meanwhile... overdoing it [MWL:09]
2007-11-14 1064 Ian McConville ( Guest Comic: Gift Shopping Congratulations, Fred & Sarah