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This is an overview of the timeline of the comic strips. For real life events, see History of Megatokyo.

With the release of Megatokyo Book 5[1] Fred has "researched, corrected, updated and finalized" the official timeline as shown below (through Ch 8).[2]

Official Timeline

This file, which is copied from MegaTokyo or materials related to it, is believed to be a Fair Use of the original.

Chapter 0: Relax, We Understand J00
Day 1 (Thursday, mid-July) - Piro and Largo go to E3; comics 001-006
Day 2 (Saturday) - Piro and Largo arrive in Japan; comics 007-012
Day 3 (Sunday) - Piro and Largo meet Tsubasa; comics 014-036
Day 4-46 (Mondays) - Six weeks pass, Largo and Piro play games; comics 037-040
Day 47 (Tuesday, early September) - Piro and Largo waste their ticket money; comic 041
Day 48 (Wednesday) - Piro loses his bookbag, Yuki finds it; comics 042-060
Day 49 (Thursday) - Piro gives his railcard to Kimiko; comics 061-074
Day 50 (Friday) - Yuki sends Piro an e-mail but he deletes it; comics 075-079
Day 52 (Sunday) - Piro gets a job at the store, Largo meets Miho; comics 080-129
Chapter 1: Do You Want To Save Before You Quit?
Day 53 (Monday mid-September) - Largo becomes a teacher, Kimiko delivers dinner; comics 134-192
Chapter 2: Things Change Little By Little...
Day 54 (Tuesday) - Kimiko auditions, Miho faints, zombies attack on wrong day; comics 196-301
Chapter 3: Am I Your Number One Fan?
Day 55 (Wednesday) - Arcade duel, Piro visits Anna Miller's, Gameru attacks; comics 307-397
Chapter 4: Low Ping Rate
Day 56 (Thursday) - Bath and confessions with Miho, fanboy recon, Seraphim is captured; comics 402-514
Chapter 5: Color Depth
Day 57 (Friday) - Fanboy horde and aftermath; comics 526-633
Chapter 6: Operational Insecurity
Day 58 (Saturday) - Computer lessons and shopping with Erika, Kimiko's radio appearance; comics 639-729
Chapter 7: Known Bugs and Security Flaws
Day 59 (Sunday) - Fanboy mob at Anna Miller's, the truth of Erika's past revealed; comics 743-873
Chapter 8: Defect Mapping
Day 60 (Monday) - Kimiko quits, Erika builds her PC, Ping has a good cry; comics 875-968
Chapter 9: Overlo4d[3]
Day 61 (Tuesday) - Waking up to Largo, awkward, E&L, zombie attack commences, Miho rescues Kimiko, Animate, Miho reflects; comics 983- 1125
Chapter 10: A.F.K.
Day 70 (Thursday)[4] - Timeskip, search for Miho, Junko's reality check, the Asako Option, Dinner of Doom, battle at the Cave of Evil; comics 1141-1267
Chapter 11: Remanence
Day 71?; comics 1270-


  1. Megatokyo Book 5: Megatokyo Reader's Guide, pg. 229
  2. No year is mentioned. All cultural and technological references match real-world time, rather than comic time.
  3. Chapter 9 and following: information by Wikitokyo, not Fred Gallagher
  4. See strips 1152, 1162, 1179: It's only been nine days implies a nine day timeskip