Chapter 3

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Strips 307397
Dates September 6, 2002
April 16, 2003
Timeframe Day 55 (Wednesday)
Book Megatokyo 3
Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3

Chapter 3: "am i your number one fan?", strips 307 through 397 (September 6, 2002 - April 16, 2003), contains 69 story strips, 11 DPDs, 6 OSEs, and 5 SGDs.

From the title page we know the Japanese title: 私はあなたのー番のファンですか (watashi wa anata no ichiban no fan desu ka).

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Important Events


Yuki stops by to remind Piro of their drawing lesson later and Ping indignantly explains the faults of Piro-nisan. Largo starts his day bot-camping the sewers. Kimiko starts off the day with a hangover while Erika isn't at her most sympathetic. As Erika stops for coffee, she eavesdrops on Miho and Ping then discovers Largo deploying ph43rb0ts. Dom and Ed arrive at MegaGamers to talk with Piro, and are unable to handle Junpei, who has arrived to fetch Great Teacher Largo again. Erika's arrival generates surprise, too.

Largo takes his class on a field trip to the 1 Yen Arcade. Miho challenges Largo to a game of Super Moe-Moe Ball. Largo is aided by L33t D00d, but he fails to counter Miho's superior strategy. The field trip ends with Largo's arrest by the TPCD.

After Erika happens to tell Piro about Kimiko's audition and waitressing job, he decides to visit her at Anna Miller's. His arrival is unsettling to Kimiko while unnoticed by this pair, Ping helps a weak Miho to a booth, providing an excellent view of Kimiko accidentally pouring coffee on Piro. As each attempts to take blame over the objections of the other, the manager decides to send Kimiko home. Kimiko receives a phone call, telling her she's hired for the part of Kotone whereupon Piro gives her his sketch of the character.

Largo's arrest is interrupted by Gameru on a drunken rampage. Ping, abandoned by Miho, wanders near enough to Largo to become involved. Gameru directly insults Ping's hair. She manages to send him away, incidentally taking out Ed, before her batteries run out. Sonoda takes Largo off for a drink. Miho, displaying a head for heights, holds an internal monologue that'll fuel speculation by the fans, and turns her attention to Ping.

Piro has again wandered into a book store to consult Shojou and becomes so absorbed as to miss his drawing lesson with Yuki. To apologize, he phones her, but this call is interrupted by Miho, returning Ping and noting her need for a bath. Largo is indignant at Miho's presence and pleased with his new job as a TPCD operative.

Largo's conscience, Boo, has been documenting his adventures with Post-It notes. Closing strips introduce us to the CEA backoffice and hint at Asmodeus having a new plan to fight Seraphim.