1 Yen Arcade

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As seen in 163

The 1 Yen Arcade (一¥アーケド, ichi en ākedo) or 1¥ Arcade is a game center (arcade) located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

It is first shown in Chapter 1, when Boo revives Largo in front of it. Largo and Ping play Mosh Mosh Revolution there; Largo wins, but destroys the machine, disrupts the power grid, and causes a panic in the process.

Later, in Chapter 3, Largo takes his class on a field trip to the Arcade. Miho challenges him to a game of Super Moe-Moe Ball, defeating him soundly.

In Chapter 7, Boo again uses the arcade with Junko's help, to reinvigorate Largo and give him relationship advice.

The name is a reference to Penny Arcade, another popular webcomic; the Japanese yen is a very low-valued currency, with 1 Yen being worth about about 1 cent (USD/EUR).