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First seen in strip 338.

Ibara Junko is the class president (iincho) in Largo's english class. Although she understands and speaks English better than her peers, her English still has its limits.

She is not happy with Largo being her teacher and is always ready to comment when he does something outrageous. When Largo asks her what her l33t skills are, she responds that she is "good at taking advantage of older men and getting money from them." Largo then gives this thought, before declaring that it is, "a powerful skill" that must be considered as to how it "can be used to our tactical advantage." Her classmates seem a little shocked by this (although, in keeping with the unfazeable attitudes most characters in Megatokyo exhibit, they don't seem as shocked as one might expect).

Junko made a return in Chapter 7, busy taking advantage of the aforementioned older men. While still negative about Largo's English skills, she praised his enthusiasm and helped him better understand women.

In Chapter 8, she argued with Largo regarding static precautions, but would defend him when Miho made a disparaging remark. It was at this point that Largo made admission of his attraction to Erika, which weakened many theories that Junko might be an emerging love interest for him. Also at this point her attention was drawn negatively to Ping and her recent changes, including an after school confrontation that sparked a surprising defense from Yuki.

She keeps her head despite the routine destruction of her school. Few of her friends are aware that she struggles to hold her family together due to her father's raging alcoholism.

Relations with other characters

Her English Teacher, although she is highly dismissive of his ability to teach. She will come to his defense on some issues. Seems to have a problem with the video game character "Solid Snake" because of his mullet. Largo considers her a "proven and knowledgeable source of data..." regarding relationships, and seems to have asked her about solutions about t3h awkward. First Shown Together: Strip 338.
Nothing brought Ping to Junko's attention until her recent physical changes, which have prompted pressure for Ping to conform. The strongest pressure comes not from Junko herself and Junko has subsequently pointed out that a false front doesn't help Ping. Finally, Junko finds out that Ping is an emotional doll. Currently she is helping her to find Miho. First Show Together: Strip 338.
Junko's opinion of Miho is that's she's weird and fails to conform to the rules. Miho suffers from the pressure, but deliberately fights back. Later Junko seems to imply that they used to be friends and that Miho somehow "abandoned" her too. First Show Together: Strip 338.
L33t D00d
Encountered in the 1 Yen Arcade with Largo. She mistakenly thinks he tried to look up her skirt. First Show Together: Strip 772.
Only recently shown together when Yuki came to Ping's defense. There are no hints of any past together. First Show Together: Strip 934.