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First seen in strip 44.

Sonoda Yuki (園田 由紀)[1] is a fifteen year old student in her third year[2] at Daitou Gakuen Attached Middle School. Yuki has a reputation for being a particularly good student and it is surprising to her classmates when she gets caught daydreaming, presumably about someone who was meant to represent Piro. Outside of class, she spends much of her time hanging out with Asako and Mami, her two closest friends.

After meeting Piro and flipping through his sketchbook, Yuki developed an interest both in Piro and his art. Her friends were suspicious when she decided to walk over to MegaGamers to ask Piro a question, believing Yuki to be secretly in love with Piro. Instead, Yuki surprised everyone by asking Piro for drawing lessons, which he agreed to after some coercion from Erika.

After several failed attempts, Yuki finally managed to get a brief drawing lesson before it was fatally disrupted by Miho. Of particular interest to Yuki was Piro's ability to get emotions out of his characters.

Recently, Yuki began to show hints of becoming a magical girl. This was first seen when she saved Miho from a bad fall. It was later confirmed when she followed Miho up over a wall and onto some electrical power lines. Of course, she wasn't paying attention at the time until Miho made her aware of it. When the Darkly Cute One informed Yuki of her true nature, fear welled up inside her, making her panic a little as she tried to regain her lost balance. At this point, we finally learn that Yuki's secret admirer was a fellow student, Kobayashi Yutaka.

Yuki is the daughter of the Sonoda family, consisting of father Masamichi, mother Meimi, and older brother Yuuji. Her father is apparently unaware of his daughter's newfound "Magical Grrl" status; however, her mother seems to know more than she's letting on, given her experience as a former magical girl. In a late comic Inspector Sonoda is seen having an argument with his wife about "we agreed we don't want this for her" hinting that he knows that Yuki is a magical girl, and perhaps that his wife used to be one.

Yuki may be capable of teleportation of both herself and others. However, this ability seems subject to conservation of momentum for normal humans and can result in injury.

Relations with other characters

From all outward signs, Yuki has a rather severe crush on Piro, despite the significant age disparity of at least 6 years between the two (48). However, their only official relationship is that he agreed to teach her to draw. First Shown Together: Strip 44.
Asako and Mami
Friends in Yuki's class, often seen together outside school. First shown together: Strip 44.
Masamichi and Meimi
Her father and mother, respectively. First shown together: Strip 150.
Her brother. First Shown Together: Strip 56.
An uncle on her father's side.
Yuki first recognizes her as "Tohya-san's friend" as she tries to help her in 816. Her generosity causes them to become well-acquainted in their own right. First Shown Together: Strip 816.
Have never met, but sees Yuki as a 'pig-tailed cutie' and sees no problem with her and Piro dating.
Yuki mistook her for Piro's girlfriend. Also, Erika almost broke her arm (610) following the fanboy invasion. First Shown Together: Strip 92.
Dom and Ed
On their arrival in Japan, the pair asked Yuki to identify Largo, which she could not. She was later adjacent to Ping when Ed had her in his sights and was dismissed by him as 'acceptable collateral damage' Strip 818. First Shown Together: Strip 247.
When first introduced, he recognizes her as in Piro's tastes, and an 'untested power', but otherwise dismissed. They later teamed up to battle zombies, though they were unsuccessful. First Shown Together: Strip 620.
Acquainted from before the story begins, despite their age difference. Backstory hints were established in 815. Miho appears to patronize Yuki, in both senses. Yuki's rescue of Miho in 795 seems likely to change their relationship. First Shown Together: Strip 563.
Kobayashi Yutaka
Friend of Yuki's in middle school. Was once thought to be a secret admirer. Accidentally fell on him. Visited him while he was recovering from his injuries. In later comics she was teased by Asako and Mami about her relationship with him, and later she appears to be not able to believe that he has feelings for her. First shown together: Strip 816


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  2. Yuki's uniform in Strip 212 is incorrect.