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First seen in strip 56.

Sonoda Yuuji (園田 裕二)[1] is Yuki's brother. Though generally a cool and relaxed guy, he's not above teasing his sister, as siblings are wont to. His interests include playing videogames, watching anime and drawing mangas (including erotic drawings).

It appears that Yuuji has some ties to the local otaku scene, although the evidence from the recording studio photo caption suggests that he did not photograph Kimiko and that the alias Kuma-Kuma actually works in the studio and provides the local otaku with inside information and pictures of new voice actresses.

Relations with other characters

Inspector Sonoda
His father.
His mother.
His sister. First Shown Together: Strip 56.
His uncle.
Yuuji is a fan of the voice actress Hayasaka and used to have a poster of her in his room (just like Piro, incidentally). If Hitoshi is indeed his uncle, he seems to be totally unaware that she was considerably close to becoming his aunt.
Yuuji has recently shown a growing interest in Kimiko as the voice actress of Kotone in the game Sight, although to date the two have not met face to face.


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