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First seen in strip 24.

Nanasawa Kimiko (七澤 希美子)[1] is a young aspiring voice actress from Tokyo who is in her mid-twenties. She has recently managed to land a major role as Kotone in Sight, an upcoming game from Cubesoft. This is a big breakthrough for her, as it is her first real job in the voice acting business.

To make ends meet, she has a job as a waitress at the Anna Miller's restaurant in Meguro, a place well known for its attractive waitresses. She seems to get along well with her customers, despite being a bit clumsy.

Due to a distinct lack of confidence, Kimiko has not done as well for herself in life as she would like. She has been passed over for many voice roles until her recent success with Cubesoft. She hates having to rely on Erika for much of her basic support. Although Kimiko is rarely confident, when the occasion calls for it she can be very passionate both in defense of herself with a coffee pot and in defense of others. Her comments on Mumu's radio show about one particular fanboy (Piro) was heard by all the other fanboys, who applied it to themselves. Her kindness and the resulting chaos once again show the truth of the expression "No kind deed goes unpunished..."

She is also a firm believer in treating people right, and following the rules. From about the point of strip 468 she seems to have taken over the role of Piro's good angel.

Kimiko is an accomplished seamstress who enjoys making cosplay outfits for her roommate Erika. She sometimes contributes to the cosplay outfit section of MegaGamers.

Kimiko's agent is Niidera Satsuki from the Ippai Voice Talent Agency.

Memorable Quotes

"You have to start looking past the feelings you think you want to have and find the ones you really care about." - to Ping

"When people hurt themselves, they hurt the people who care about them. I've already had my nose broken once, Piro-San..." - to Piro

Current Status

Despite a number of awkward moments, Kimiko's budding relationship with Piro has blossomed, although Fred had us all wondering whether these two pathetic individuals were ever going to get anywhere. Kimiko is starting to achieve "idol" popularity, but she's beginning to show signs of stress. She has suddenly realized how out of control fanboys can be. She's had a tiff with her director, producer and agent, and even had a row with Piro after the Anna Miller's incident, although the two patched things up the following day.

Recently, she showed a hint of an ability to convince people to do things, even with the additional difficulty of a language barrier. How this ability works exactly is unknown.

She is now in a situation where the life of a voice actress is starting to overwhelm her. Despite some advances from other video game companies, she is holding her own, but this is just a front. Inside, she's beginning to crack. Having touched Miho's unknown kinder heart, the Darkly Cute One has hidden her away to allow her time to recover (and further pierce her cold, calculating exterior). However, concerns about her well-being have also prompted a fellow Cubesoft employee, known to the otaku only as "Kumakuma" (but is secretly Sayuri), to contact Piro through an intermediary.

Currently, she is attempting to save "Sight" by attending a public relations event in hopes that her presence will convince Cubesoft's parent company, Lockart, to not cancel the project.

Relations with other characters

Roommate and best friend. Kimiko and Erika have known each other since high school. It's obvious they are very close indeed--Erika knows some intimate details of Kimiko's life that she would prefer concealed (such as her visit to a love hotel). Kimiko was the only person that truly cared for Erika after her leaving Girl Phase and the voice talent industry. First Shown Together: Strip 24.
After a rocky start, Kimiko has come to have feelings for Piro, but just how far she is willing to trust him is hard to say. First Shown Together: Strip 28.
They barely know each other (she speaks little English and he speaks no Japanese), but Largo's l33t senses have him convinced that she is some sort of 'Power', though he once gave her his very drunken approval after the Cave of Evil. Recently, Largo has let Kimiko "talk" him into action, despite his lack of understanding her Japanese. First Shown Together: Strip 28.
Met when Yuki first asked Piro for drawing lessons, but their first conversation wasn't until after Yuki ran into Erika after the fanboy riot. Since then, Yuki seems to show a jealousy of Kimiko's growing friendship with Piro. First Shown Together: Strip 250.
Despite a discomforting first encounter, Kimiko and Ping seem to be on good terms. Kimiko helped Ping to understand her emotional issues and in turn, this brought Kimiko to terms with Piro and ended up bringing the two closer than ever. First Shown Together: Strip 183.
First met when she gave Kimiko a free pass to the Cave of Evil. Miho has observed Kimiko since then, but they weren't introduced again until Kimiko was saved from a dangerous situation. First Shown Together: 113.
Niidera Satsuki
Kimiko's agent. First Shown Together: Strip 417.
Character Designer for Sight responsible for the hiring of Kimiko as Kotone. Befriended Kimiko and provided Kimiko some encouragement to her towards Piro ("<It sounds to me like you should stop being so negative and give this guy more of a chance. He might surprise you.>" 528), but she also warned of difficulties ("<You don't have time for relationship issues right now.>" 821). First Shown Together Strip 216.
Director for Sight, and thus her boss. First Shown Together Strip 216.

Relations with places

Hayasaka Erika's apartment
First seen in: Strip 71.


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