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Anna Miller's is a chain of restaurants in Hawaii and Japan. The first branch opened in 1973 in Hawaii. The restaurant chain is known for their breakfast selection and even more known for their desserts. Evidently this chain is famous in Japan also for their waitress uniforms and are "as recognizable to Japanese as the Playboy Bunny is to Americans" (from the J-List blog entry).

Megatokyo features the Anna Miller's restaurant in Meguro, Tokyo, not far from the train station of the same name. This is apparently where the girls are the prettiest - it could be speculated that that is why Fred used this particular restaurant.

In Chapter 0, Piro, Largo and Tsubasa eat there on their way back to Tsubasa's flat, and Kimiko, who works there as a waitress, accidentially throws a coffee pot at Piro.


The name of the manager for the Meguro location is not known. We do know that Nanasawa Kimiko and Sawatari Megumi are waitresses and there is a cook named Ootaka who works there.