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First seen in strip 32.

Sawatari Megumi (沢渡 めぐみ)[1] is one of the waitresses at Anna Miller's who has been seen working alongside Kimiko and is possibly an aspiring voice actress in her own right.

Megumi appears to have a healthy friendship with Kimiko as evidenced by Kimiko's apparent willingness to tell her about what happened with Piro at the Sea of Illumination. The other conversations which have been shown also have a friendly, occasionally teasing tone to them, which further enforces the appearance that the two girls are friends.

As a waitress, Megumi appears to be competent with her work. She has a certain compassion which is well balanced by her ability to control crowds when the situation calls for such measures.

Megumi's design seems to be based on Kimiko's original design which Fred rejected for not bringing out Kimiko's true nature.


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