Fred Gallagher

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Fred Gallagher is the author and artist for Megatokyo, and the basis of Piro. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Before deciding to work on Megatokyo full time, he was an architect. Some strips show the "real life adventures of Piro and Seraphim", such as Fred thanking his fans.

Since he lives in the Michigan area, he makes semi-frequent appearances at Wizzywig Collectibles. At conventions like Otakon, he usually appears in the Wizzywig booth in the dealer's room, rather than the artist area.

The character Seraphim is based on Sarah, his wife.

Gallagher has set up two companies, Fredart Studios, LLC, which owns the rights to Megatokyo, and Megagear Inc., the official Megatokyo online shop.

His son, Jack Obadiah Gallagher was born on November 9, 2007.