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First seen in strip 39.

Seraphim is a field agent for the Conscience Enforcement Authority and Piro's "conscience". She routinely appears to Piro as a small angel-winged woman perhaps six inches (15 cm) tall with (apparently) correspondingly reduced weight and ability to make virtually everyone overlook her presence. However, when her case situation warrants it, she is capable of appearing life size ("big mode"). It appears that while in "big mode", Seraphim is constrained by the same physical laws as Piro, thus she seems "real" and visible to others besides Piro, although this is pure conjecture for now. She is also able to interact with Piro's world while in big mode.

Seraphim genuinely cares about her cases, and tries to help them as much as she can, but her efforts to do more are usually thwarted by the CEA's tightfistedness.

Piro is Seraphim's primary client; she was also assigned to the stars of Temptation Island, which turned into a fiasco, and is assumed to have many other clients as well. She has stated in the strip that she is "a caseworker, not a miracle-worker."

After a great deal of struggling, she finally got the CEA to assign her a partner; unfortunately, all they had available was Temporary Special Agent Boo. Despite several issues—such as a language barrier— the two have managed to work reasonably well together.

Relations with other characters

One of Seraphim's cases, and her link to the story. Seraphim thinks that he's slowly improving, but still needs a lot of work. For an undisclosed amount of time, her twin sister worked, pretending to be her. First Shown Together: Strip 39.
Seraphim's partner. Though she initially shows disdain for him, he seems to grow on her over time. First Shown Together: Strip 79.
Doesn't seem to consider his behavior of any relevance to Piro but did not like the way Piro tricked him while drunk into flying to Japan. First comment about Largo: Strip 48.
Seraphim is concerned that Yuki could spell trouble for Piro. It was Yuki that prompts the strongest response from her. First comment about Yuki: Strip 48.
Seraphim and Asmodeus are old nemeses, and Seraphim loathes him. He repeatedly implies that they have a history, but it's not clear that he's telling the truth. Possibly, Asmodeus is unknowingly referring to one of Seraphim's sisters. First Shown Together: Strip 230.
Kimiko and Erika
Though she hasn't spoken to them directly (and presumably can't), Seraphim seems to believe both are good influences on Piro. First comment on Erika: Strip 111. First comment on Kimiko: Strip 396.

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