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First seen in strip 230.
Asmodeus in color

Asmodeus is the only conscience entity introduced into the story so far who is not a member of the Conscience Enforcement Agency. He is apparently the evil side of Piro's conscience, although he seems to generally view his suggested deeds as "having fun", rather than "doing evil." The organization he works for is currently not named in the comic, nor are its objectives clear, although he was planning on filling imported XBoxes with evil as they were being shipped to Japan, a task already done by Microsoft themselves, it seems. Asmodeus was the agent in charge of pulling off the operation which resulted in the capture of Seraphim.

Asmodeus and Seraphim have a long, if not well understood history. What is certain is that Seraphim doesn't like him very much, nor does Seraphim's evil twin.

Asmodeus recruited the evil cat Belphegor to help him.