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First seen in strip 79.

Boo is a hamster who is currently employed as a temp agent by the Conscience Enforcement Agency. He was assigned to help ease Seraphim's caseload after she complained about how severely overworked she was. Soon after, he was given a role as Largo's conscience, which has been his primary mission ever since.

Despite a limited vocabulary, Boo is quite adept at communicating through post-it notes, and keeps a Blog. He also has the advantage of being remarkably cute, a trait which helped him greatly when it came time to rescue Seraphim from Belphegor. Despite not being fully versed in all of the policies and responsibilities that come with being an employee of the CEA, Boo generally attempts to do what he believes is the right thing, even if it isn't strictly by the book.

Boo owes his creation to Bioware's Baldur's Gate, a game in which he played the role of Minsc's miniature giant space hamster. Minsc, a reckless berserker warrior of the eastern country of Rashemen, was noted for his unswerving anger at all things evil, and utter devotion to defeating evil in all its forms, not unlike Largo. Also his battlecry: "Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes! RAAAASSK!" is occasionally parodied by Largo. Additionally, Boo's in-game dialogue was the same series of squeaks he uses in Megatokyo to a similar comedic effect.

Relations with other characters

Boo's client. Despite Largo's demeanor and Boo's communication difficulties, they seem to work together reasonably well. First Shown Together: Strip 90.
The conscience Boo was assigned to assist. She is his immediate superior. First Shown Together: Strip 79.
The dark conscience working against Seraphim and Boo. Note that Boo is far sexier than Asmodeus. First Shown Together: Strip 300.
Operations Agent that receives Boo's Post-It Notes when he has trouble with the reporting software. First Shown Together: Strip 395.
Cat recruited by Asmodeus in the plan to kidnap Seraphim. He subsequently defeated using equipment supplied by the CEA, proving Boo's Post-It notes have greater leverage than all of Seraphim's complaints. Shown Together: Strip 416.
CEA Female Agents
A group of three female agents at the CEA Central Operations and Control. Due Boo being "so cute" they provided him with "extra special tactical equipment." This is not what Marcus would have done. First Shown Together: Strip 430.
Also able to see Boo, she finds him cute and friendly and plays with him. First Shown Together: Strip ?.
Boo is visible to Erika, and they seem to be able to converse without the use of post-it notes. First Shown Together: Strip 1222