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Boo's Blog has, thus far, only three entries which we know of, two of which are during the time when Seraphim is kidnapped by Asmodeus and Belphegor and the other is when Largo is trying to take down Gameru by triggering the rejection protocols in Ping. These blog entries take place over Chapters 3 and 4. All blog entires list Boo's mood and what's basically going through his mind. It is a fascinting glimpse into the ever-squeaking hamster.

First Blog

Boo is 'apprehensive'. He doesn't know why Largo made Ping angry, or why they are trying to attack the 'big turtle'. He is, frankly, worried. Boo drew a large Post-It of Largo's head and stuck it on the back of Gameru to try and deflect her rage in the right direction, so he in fact does have some idea why Largo made Ping angry. He is also unsure how Seraphim will react to it all.

Second Blog

Seraphim has been captured by Belphegor and Boo is suffering from 'complete and total panic'. Despite knowlingly breaking Conscience Code and abandoning Piro and Largo, Boo goes after his field supervisor.

Third Blog

Having had his request for backup land with the right people, Boo has been sent a great deal of tactical gear to help release Seraphim. Whilst he is unsure he can work it all, Boo remains 'calm', as his objectives are clear.