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First seen in strip 16.

Tsubasa is a friend of Piro's from Japan. He speaks imperfect English and is friendly to a fault.

He lived on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Shinjuku. Piro and Largo stay with Tsubasa for at least six weeks early in the story.

Around this time he acquires Ping, either by having invested in the EDS project or, as some fans speculated by “liberating” her from Sony's labs. Influenced by Ping, he journeys to America to find his true love, leaving Piro and Largo not only with Ping, but also without a place to stay.

Tsubasa is one of several characters who are based on real people. However, his real world counterpart decided that he no longer wished there to be a character based on him, so the character was removed at his request. He nevertheless reappeared in 745, now in Iowa. In 747, we find him wearing a USA sweater and eating in what may or may not be a Starbucks. Apparently he is tracing his true love's family through a series of moves, and they were in Oklahoma five years ago, so that's where he's headed next. The upskirt picture of Kimiko he uploaded led to the reappearance of Asmodeus and Seraphim when Piro had to decide whether or not to look at it. He has also uploaded an mp3 and transcript of her radio debut.

Relations with other characters

Online friend from Japan. Piro stays with him for at least six weeks while visiting Japan. First Shown Together: Strip 16.
It is presumed that Tsubasa knows Largo through Piro. Largo also stays with Tsubasa for at least six weeks while visiting Japan. First Shown Together: Strip 16.
Originally in Tsubasa's custody. He left her in Piro's care when he left for America. First Shown Together: Strip 105.