Chapter 0

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Chapter 0 >
Strips 1129
Dates August 14, 2000
June 6, 2001
Timeframe Days 1 – 52
Book Megatokyo 1
Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3

Chapter 0 consists of 96 story strips, 6 DPDs, 13 OSEs, 7 SGDs, 3 NNMs, and 5 guest strips. It comprises the early strips, before the structure of Megatokyo was planned, but also contains the start of the consistent current storyline.

It is the longest chapter timewise, spanning six weeks in August and September, and has been published in print as Megatokyo 1.

One of the most famous Megatokyo strips (partly because it was depicted on one of the first Megatokyo t-shirts) is strip 9, "Speek L33t?". This strip has also been blamed for the widespread use of "l337" on the Internet.

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Important events


Piro and Largo try to attend E3 in Los Angeles. They meet old friend Dom who tells them he is working for Sega, and how he managed to get the job ahead of Ed. After some very embarrassing incidents with Largo, he and Piro catch a flight to Tokyo. Upon arrival Largo has no passport and faces Mortal Kombat with Junpei and is allowed to stay in Japan.

The two max out their credit cards (Piro on manga and games, Largo on his Cool Thing), so they fail to buy return tickets. Piro contacts his friend Tsubasa. Before they reach his flat, Piro and Largo see a sign for a trade show, where Largo ends up getting his arm broken by Erika. Then they eat Anna Miller's where Kimiko accidentially throws a coffee pot at Piro.

After that they move in with Tsubasa, promising to get money sent from home. They stay for 6 weeks, constantly playing PS2 games. This is when Seraphim, Piro's conscience, first steps in and politely asks him to try to get home, like, now. Meanwhile Ed and Dom meet up (surprisingly nonviolent) and send them money.

Piro and Largo manage to spend all the money again. Depressed, Piro goes to the next manga bookshop to seek advice in shoujo manga. There he is spotted by 15 year old schoolgirl Yuki and her friends, who scare him away. Seraphim has to interfere once again to prevent Piro finding the 15 year olds too cute. He does not notice he lost his bag, which ends up in Yuki's hands.

Although she promises Asako to return the bag, she looks through Piro's sketchbook and comments the drawings, while Piro is worried that someone might read his sketchbook. Meanwhile Largo meets Junpei again, and he asks Largo to become his master for defeating him in Mortal Kombat.

At the train station, Piro meets Kimiko who has lost her railcard and gives her his. (See Railcard Incident.) Kimiko arrives late for her audition. She explains why she is late, which is received as a great audition by the producer.

When Kimiko arrives home, Erika asks her how the audition was. When Kimiko tells her about the railcard, Erika warns her that "all men are fanboys".

When Piro arrives home, Largo is working on a computer with his L33t Nekkid Skillz. Largo has set up two computers and a cable modem so the two can play Quake. Largo gets fragged immediately.

Meanwhile a friend suggests to Yuki to check for the name 'Piro', the only lead she has on the owner of the bag and sketchbook, on the internet. She finds his site and sends him an e-mail. Just at this time Piro deletes all his e-mails that piled up in the past weeks because he does not think any of them can be important.

Seraphim wants to hurry back to Tokyo and asks for reinforcements. She gets a temp, Boo, a hamster.

Piro can't even remember where he lost his bag, but he sees Yuki with the bag in a shop (Megagamers). He hides from her instead of confronting her. Erika, who works at the shop, thinks he is a new clerk, and leaves. Piro takes over the cash desk. Yuki wants to pay and runs away when she recognizes Piro.

Meanwhile Largo meets Boo, who is his conscience. He can't stop Largo from going down to the sewer system where he finds the Necrowombicon and releases, as he puts it, "a swarm of the undead" on Tokyo. He calls Dom for help, and meets Miho for the first time.

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