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First seen in strip 10.

Junpei is a ninja who was first introduced into the story working for customs at the airport. Ever since Largo beat Junpei in Mortal Kombat, Junpei has revered him as a l33t master and all around good guy. Junpei continues to study the "Way of l33t" under Largo, despite knowing about the contract issued against Largo by the people at Ninja Headquarters.

As a Ninja, Junpei is skilled at a number of tasks including, but not limited to working for customs, practicing law, retrieving schoolteachers, crowd control, and providing transportation. Indeed, there looks to be very little that Junpei isn't capable of handling.

Although he is generally seen as real, Miho Tohya once assumed Junpei was a Ninja Doll System accessory (Though, given the situation, this could have been intended to be an insult), similar to Ping's status as an accessory to the Emotional Doll System.

Relations with other characters

Distrusts him and has taken steps to ensure that he will cease inteference in Erika's life. Takes Dom's attempts to kill him in stride. First Shown Together: Strip 319.
Is fairly tolerant of him, largely because Largo seems to regard him as a friend. This has not stopped him from destroying his "toys." First Shown Together: Strip 319.
Appears to regard her as an honorable fellow warrior. First Shown Together: Strip 421.
After being defeated by Largo in Mortal Kombat, Junpei has viewed Largo as a l33t master and teacher in the "Way of l33t" First Shown Together: Strip 10.
Junpei distrusts Meimi and her Magical Girl ways. First Shown Together: Strip 673.
Either guesses Junpei is a Ninja Doll System PS2 accessory, or tries to confuse/frustrate Largo by making a powerful finishing move. First Shown Together: Strip 223.
Only met briefly but seems to have got the wrong idea when she said that she lived with Largo. First Shown Together: Strip 533.