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An exmaple of L33T in Largo's english class.

In Megatokyo, L33T(Pronounced Leet) is often used with characters such as Largo and L33T D00D. A basic understanding of L33T would be neccesary to understand some parts of Megatokyo.

In essence, L33T is a "language" using numbers(and in true l33t, non-standard symbols) in place of letters. It is now used throughout the gaming society, mainly in FPS games. Sentences fully in L33T are frowned upon in most communities, though using L33T terms occasionally is generally considered acceptible in many gaming/forum communities.

Note that L33T is not a real language and cannot be used orally, it is only a written group of terms used in the gaming society. For more information on L33T see: L33t

Basic L33T Terms

Below is a list of L33T terms(Note that spelling can vary but the word will usually retain the same meaning):

1337, Leet, or L337 - Alternate spellings of L33T or Leet (Other names of L33T are L33TSP33K or L33TSP34K)
D00D - Dude
CH1CKZ0R - Female or "Chick" (Though chick can be considered insulting in L33T CH1CKZ0R is generally considered a basic term for female)
H4XZ0R - Hacker, in the sense of someone skilled with computers
H4XZ - Hacking, in the sense of cheating by manipulating programming of a game. Also used to mean simply that someone is cheating or appears to be cheating.
PH34R - Fear
M45T3R - Master
P41/\/ or P4|N - Pain
J0 or jo - Yo. can be used as "yes" when answering a question.
J00 or joo - You.
3Y3 - I or eye
/\/33D or N33D - Need
D4 or T3H - The
T0 - To

L33T "Language"

This is a guide to understand(most) L33T terms:

The letter 'E' is often replaced with 3.

The letter 'A' is often replaced with 4.

The Letter 'I' is often replaced with 1.

The Letter 'T' is often replaced with 7.

'S' is often replaced with 5.

'N' is often replaced with /\/

'M' is sometimes replaced with /\/\

'O' is replaced with 0

Additional Information:

Occasionally The replacments for E and A will be mixed, and you will have to assume that the word means a word that is close in spelling: EX: G4TZ - Get

Occasionally words will be spelled totally diff then what they are based on, but if pronounced would sound similair: EX: PH34R means Fear. D4 means The.

The letter 'F' is often replaced with 'PH' or vice versa.

Also see L33tsp33k.

The Way of L33T

The ninja, Junpei, considers Largo his Master of "The Way of The L33T" and studies Largo's actions in order to become more L33T after losing to him at a game.

According to Junpei, The Way of L33T is a path to enlightnment. Apparently Junpei believes that through Largo, he will learn this path and become stronger and/or smarter. Other then this, not much is explained about the way of L33T.

Uses of L33T in Megatokyo

In Megatokyo, L33T is used mainly for jokes, as displayed the first time it appears in the online strips, 9. Largo, Junpei, and L33T D00D use L33T often(and in L33T D00D's case, always) in everyday speech. Since L33T comes from computer games, it can be assumed that Piro also uses L33T in-game as Piroko(and possibly Pirogoeth). At Shiritsu Daitou High School, Largo teaches L33T in his english class.

Recently, Erika has been instructed by Largo to be naked when working on computers. For more information on this, refer to L33t Nekkid Skillz.