Shiritsu Daitou High School

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File:Shiritsu Daitou Schools.png
School building

Shiritsu Daitou High School is a private high school in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with an attached middle school named Daitou Gakuen Attached Middle School.


Largo works there as an English teacher and has his own class. Miho and Ping are in this class.

The Social Studies teacher of Largo's class is a Mr. Seto, who once had an accident in strip 539, providing Ed with the opportunity to fill in as a substitute teacher, who had probably caused Mr. Seto's accident. Prior to Largo's hire, Brad Grier was a temporary substitute English teacher Strip:213 for this class.

Nurse Sugawara is the school nurse.


The naming of the school is not absolutely clear—in strip 149 the kanji 私立大東 (shiritsu daitō) are readable on the wall, where 私立 (shiritsu), written with these kanji, means "private" (with different kanji, it can mean "public"). However "Shiritsu" is not included in the English name Fred gives for the middle school.