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First seen in strip 3.

"Ed" can also refer to Edmund Balan, the real-life person the character is based on.

Ed is a Sony employee, Dom's best friend and rival. They both applied for a job with Sega Japan after graduation. Dom locked Ed in the trunk of his car so he would miss the job interview.

Like Dom, Ed is prone to violence and use of large, deadly objects, but unlike Dom he shows little restraint. Where Dom prefers pistols and swords, Ed uses shotguns and chainsaws, and delights in using much larger weapons like the Sony KillTrunk. Dom and Ed are often considered parodies of the common Japanese belief that Americans are always armed.

Ed was apparently sent to Tokyo to destroy Ping, and has attempted to do so several times. Several factors contribute to Ping's continued existence. The first time he tries to kill Ping he sustains severe injuries after she throws him out a window, clipping a concrete column with his head in the process. On other occasions she is kept alive by Ed's terrible luck; he is injured by flying turtles and satellite lasers right before destroying her. In his most recent attempt, he is stopped in his tracks by Miho and flees.

The many faces of Ed

Ed has an odd tendency to be severely injured. Thus, he has appeared in the comic with many faces.

Recently he has gone back to his original face, though retaining a little of his bishie-ness.


Ed's weaponry consists of:

Character Relations

Ed and Dom are friends, but that doesn't keep them from pulling guns on each other. Fortunately, most of their damage seems to be directed at things other than themselves. First Shown Together: Strip 3.
Ed and Largo apparently have something of a history with each other which runs deep enough that Ed is willing to loan Largo money. First Shown Together: Strip 286.
Ed is supposed to capture Ping to return her to Sony, but it seems to have gotten personal (probably due to the plastic surgery Ed needed after the first encounter). He's tried to kill her many times, never successfully. Ping remains oblivious to the idea that he's after her. After his fifth failure, he shifts to pursuit of Ping's friend and protector, Miho. First Shown Together: Strip 105.
The first time they met, Miho blocked Ed. His digital device provided him with information on her. While we don't know what the device said, we do know that she inspires great ph34r in him. In his first attempt on her, Ed was using a device known as the Tesla Stick. He next attempt was with a KillBall, but also failed. He then used multiple KillBall's at the same time, apparently destroying her and the zombie army. First Shown Together: Strip 818.
Sony Face Doctor
The Sony Face Doctor clearly has history of rebuilding Ed's head. She is unhappy with Ed because he "always" breaks the mirror after seeing his new face. This scene is a reference to the 1989 Batman movie. In the movie, the Joker smashes a mirror and laughs wildly after a back alley surgeon does plastic surgery on his face. She refers to Ed as a "jerk." First Shown Together: Strip 444.