Ed's Pursuit of Ping

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As learned at Ed's arrival in Japan, he was sent to seek out and destroy Ping, although he never tells others. He has repeatedly confronted Ping and repeatedly met with failure and usually injuries. After encountering Miho in Chapter 7, he appears to change his plans.

The Attempts

In Chapter 2, He finds Ping at Miho's bedside, but she perceives his actions as a threat against her friend and must apologize to Nurse Sugawara that she had to make the bad man go away, clipping his head as she heaved him out the window. This also introduces the recurring joke of Ed needing facial repairs.

In Chapter 3, Ed attempts a sniper attack with a Killstick while Ping is distracted with Gameru. Unfortunately for Ed, Ping throws the giant turtle and hits Ed atop a building. Ping apologizes to Mr. Building.

After Ed gets a new face at the beginning of Chapter 4, he tests his new beauty on Ping, using a seductive approach. This didn't seem to be working before Erika interrupts and expells Ed from MegaGamers. He was prepared to reenter with guns blazing, when his bishie looks inspire a mob of teenaged girls to attack.

In Chapter 5, having arranged to teach Largo's class, Ed sets up his demonstration, a KillTrunk that just happens to point at Ping. This time it is Junpei that interrupts, forcing a small delay in his plans. Largo takes his class off to defend MegaGamers, allowing Ed to repair and aim at Ping again, but he misses, twice. The TPCD use a high intensity satellite based laser to reduce Ed to trace amounts of dust which explains Ed's absence in Chapter 6.

Ed's return towards the end of Chapter 7 finds Ping in the sights of his KillP4k with Yuki, who he considers acceptable colateral damage. He is again interrupted, this time by Miho who Ed identifies as the real thing. He runs off for bigger guns. After this point, Ed appears to have switched targets to Miho.