Chapter 4

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Strips 402514
Dates April 28, 2003
January 30, 2004
Timeframe Day 56 (Thursday)
Book Megatokyo 3
Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3

Chapter 4: "low ping rate", strips 402 through 514 (April 28, 2003 - January 30, 2004), contains 88 story strips, 14 DPDs, 4 OSEs, 6 SGDs, and 1 NNM.

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Important Events


Largo builds a B3owulf cluster. Miho arrives to take Ping to the public baths and she invites Piro and Largo. Seraphim is ambushed by Belphegor, but Asmodeus's bath disruption plan delays too long. After the bath, Miho and friends stop by the Magical Cake bakery where Piro finally learns of his past connection with Miho. Largo hurries home in paranoia.

Yuki spends the day depressed. Asako's repeated - annoying - antics can't relieve Yuki's suffering. So Asako and Mami confront Piro directly, warning him not to hurt her. Kimiko meets with her agent to go over her contract, then meets the Lockart team. Many of Yuki and Kimiko's strips are done in the megatokyo moment format of 4-koma, which is only seen in Chapter 4.

Boo is re-equipped for a rescue mission. He neutralizes the cat, but still hasn't freed Seraphim before Asmodeus returns. We are left with a dark shadow on whether Seraphim is rescued.

Dom purchases some CDs at MegaGamers, providing details of Erika's past in Girl Phase, while upstairs Largo returns to his cybnernode, halting the Hayasaka Erika Fan Club's initial entrance on their mission to confirm Erika's presence. Their digital attack meets some success when Largo reaches his credit limit. Despite the bath, Ping still suffers from sneezes and evil shelving. Kimiko provides Piro with first aid before Ping, who also gets distracted by Ed's third attempt on her, which Erika intercepts. Kimiko gives Piro a signed sketch of Kotone by Ryoya Sayuri. An otaku finally penetrates MegaGamers, but is stopped by Largo, much to Erika's surprise.

Yuki arrives for her drawing lesson, but on seeing Erika again, hesitates. Her brother Yuuji then shows up, establishing Erika's identity to Yuki. She aborts her lesson. While Piro eats a bentou on a park bench, he receives a call from Miho for some more teasing. A Seraphim in a different outfit appears to give Piro surprising advice.