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First seen in strip 469.

Moeko is a Magical Girl, main character of the (fictional) magical girl anime Girl Phase. Her voice was provided by Erika when she was still a voice actress.

Although we don't know about other characters Erika has voiced, Girl Phase seems to be popular amongst Erika's fans, and Moeko is probably one of the roles that made Erika famous.


  • The connection between Erika and Meimi Sonoda hints Moeko may belong with the Magical Thief sub-genre, but there is no other supporting evidence yet.
  • Moeko is portrayed with a mallet that she used to punish her foes using the Flood Hammer Attack.
  • One repeated catchphrase was Enemy of all that is good and pure! I will punish you most painfully! Strips 472,589
  • One Cosplayer was known for having Moeko's lines down perfectly:

You will be punished! Enemy of all that is good and pure! I will punish you most painfully! You who lacks purity and truth!! You serve no useful purpose on this earth! I am but a quiet, humble girl. I wish harm upon no living creature... But against a vile foe such as thee I will not hold back!!!

  • Piro is/was a fan of Girl Phase and once owned a poster and full-size body pillow of Moeko.

Relations with other characters

Erika Hayasaka
Voice actress for Moeko.
She is a fan.
He is a fan.
Man Moeko
A fanboy who enjoys playing kigurumi of Moeko.
Yuuji Sonoda
A fan.

Plot Connections

Chapter 4
The Hayasaka Erika Fan Club used a Moeko avatar during a digital attack on MegaGamers
Chapter 5
The Level 5 Fan Groups that beseiged MegaGamers included the Man Moeko Cosplayer.
Chapter 7
The fans crowding Erika inside MegaGamers included a fan holding a Moeko doll or maybe plamo figurine.