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Girl Phase (ガールフェーズ, gāru fēzu) is a magical girl anime in the Megatokyo universe. The series has been over for three years and is available in three box sets and multiple OAVs. The main character is the magical girl Moeko, whose voice was provided by Erika Hayasaka. It is a few years old in the current storyline and was very popular; probably one of the main reasons for Erika's popularity.

There is a Dead Piro Day showing a DVD cover mockup for Girl Phase Vol. 4.

Since Dom included a 'Girl Phase' soundtrack CD with a CD of Erika's while taunting her, it's likely she sang on that album, possibly an Opening or Closing theme.

Relations to characters

Voice for the main character Moeko.
Is a fan. Did like the change.
Was a fan. Did not like the change.