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First seen in strip 2.

"Dom" can also refer to Dominic Nguyen, the real-life person the character is based on.

Dom (Pronounced dɑːhwəm) is an American who works for Sega's black ops division. When he hired in, the job opportunities were tight, with only one slot available for a new employee. Dom is quick with a gun as well as skilled with his mind. A fair number of conflicts have come up between him and Ed, a long time friend, though they are certainly not exclusive sparring partners. Dom and Ed are often considered parodies of the common Japanese stereotype that Americans are always heavily armed.

Once in Japan, Dom managed to catch Erika completely off guard by presenting her with an out of print Broken Bird CD one day at MegaGamers. Dom's objectives with Erika are unclear, though his immediate goal looks to be taking control of her still formidable power. It is not known exactly how Dom knows so much about Erika, but even before he recognized her specifically, he knew her stance.

Based on Strip 191, it was widely assumed that Dom's primary objective was to capture Ping and return her to Sega for reverse engineering. However, the degree to which his actions have diverged from this assumed objective casts serious doubt on whether or not he was ever interested in Ping to begin with. It is also worth noting that Strip 191 appears in the back of MegaTokyo Volume 2 with the SGD strips rather than being included with the story strips.

Dom also appears in the webcomic Strange Candy.

Character Relations

Dom and Ed are friends, but that doesn't keep them from pulling guns on each other. Fortunately, most of their damage seems to be directed at things other than themselves. First Shown Together: Strip 3.
Dom and Piro have gone to college together. Piro seems unaware of his violent tactics. First Shown Together: Strip 2.
Dom and Largo apparently have something of a history with each other which runs deep enough that Dom is willing to loan Largo money. First Shown Together: Strip 2.
Dom apparently knows a lot more about Erika than he should; as mentioned above, his current goals seem to be harnessing her power for the good of Sega. First Shown Together: Strip 420.
The 'Damn Ninja' destroyed his gun on first meeting. They display continued antipathy, usually because of Dom's attention towards Erika. First Shown Together: Strip 319.