Chapter 1

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Strips 134192
Dates June 18, 2001
November 10, 2001
Timeframe Day 53 (Monday)
Book Megatokyo 2
Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3

Chapter 1: "Do you want to save before you quit?", strips 134 through 192 (June 18, 2001 - November 10, 2001), contains 39 story strips, 5 DPDs, 3 OSEs, 3 SGDs, and 10 guest strips.

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Important Events


Having spent the night on a bench in Inokashira Park, Piro heads off to work at MegaGamers, leaving Ping with Largo who discovers the power of Ping's rejection mode. Escaping Ping, Largo stumbles on a teaching job, although class is cut short by Ping's arrival. This also introduces Miho to Ping for the first time and she takes an interest in her new classmate.

Meanwhile, Erika arranges for the boys to take the apartment above MegaGamers. Yuki, who skipped school while gathering her nerve, manages to return Piro's bag and sketchbook.

Miho and Ping discover Largo at a 1 Yen Arcade. Soon Largo and Ping are playing a dance game, which ends... poorly. Piro arrives to bring the wounded pair home to their new place. Miho meets Piro for the first time.

Kimiko has worked an evening shift at Anna Miller's, including giving coffee to Otaku, and when her shift ends she takes some food to the boys' new home. To her surprise, Ping answers the door. As Largo is eating, he has an epiphany.

The chapter closes with the arrival of Dom, Ed and Asmodeus.