Chapter 2

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Strips 196301
Dates November 19, 2001
September 4, 2002
Timeframe Day 54 (Tuesday)
Book Megatokyo 2
Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3

Chapter 2: "things change little by little...", strips 196 through 301 (November 19, 2001 - September 4, 2002), contains 70 story strips, 18 DPDs, 6 OSEs, 6 SGDs, 2 NNMs, 3 guest strips and 1 Seraphim Check.

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Important Events


Miho arrives early at the boy's new apartment to fetch Ping for school. Kimiko prepares Erika for a new cosplay outfit.

The high school still needs an English teacher and Junpei is hired as the messenger. Largo had started the morning with an inventory and was in the middle of dumpster diving when Junpei carries him off. The pair meet Miho on their way in. Class is interrupted by Miho's collapse in a girl's bathroom. Junpei and Ping deliver her to the nurse's office where Ping learns some of Miho's health history.

Kimiko auditions for Kotone and she leaves, believing she's being rejected, to go home to change before meeting Erika at MegaGamers.

Yuki spent the morning dodging her friends' questions, and inquiries from Dom and Ed, before going directly to MegaGamers after school, to ask Piro for drawing lessons. Embarassed from earlier misunderstandings and with Kimiko again witnessing him talking to school girls, Piro tries to decline, but Erika convinces him otherwise.

Dom and Ed arrive at the High School, where Ed makes his first attempt to claim the bounty on Ping, with earthshaking consequences. Much of this story is explained later by Largo. Instead we hear a soliloquy by Miho on Ping's friendship and a invitation to her place.

Erika gives Kimiko a pep talk and advice before changing out of her cosplay outfit as Largo arrives, freshly paid and ready for fun. Piro tries to translate introductions between Largo and Kimiko, much to Erika's amusement. To everyone's surprise, Erika invites all three to the Sea of Illumination. Erika allows Largo to rant about Zombies. Meanwhile, Piro and Kimiko's conversation doesn't fare as well, with Kimiko making accusations and rudely returning his railcard. Erika and Largo are left to carry them home.

The chapter closes with the discovery that Largo kept the phone Miho had dropped on her collapse and Ping dials the number to report home. As Piro's consciences debate his progress, things escalate into a duel, cut short by perceptive tactics on Seraphim's part.