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Seraphim Check or Leave it to Seraphim is a loose sequence of non-story strips. So far there was one after the end of each chapter.

It is based on Leave it to Kero/Kero-chan Check, a special section at the end of the episodes of the Magical Girl Anime Card Captor Sakura where Kero, Sakura's animal sidekick, discusses the fashion shown in the episode (Sakura's costume changes every episode). Kero even makes an appearance to complain, in a nod to the origin.

The first and second Seraphim Checks begin with Seraphim analysing the fashion from recent Megatokyo strips. Further installments also discussed other aspects, but mainly fashion, eg. for geeks.

The tone of Seraphim Check is highly sarcastic—Seraphim over-analyses and stereotypes.

List of strips

Date Strip Title (strip list) Title (in the strip)
2001-06-15 133 Seraphim Check OSE:15
2001-11-14 194 omake: Leave it to Seraphim! OSE:19
2002-05-31 266 Leave it to Seraphim! - comic analysis OSE:24
2002-09-04 306 Seraphim Check! - of powder and pixles OSE:28
2003-04-21 399 Leave it to Seraphim! Julia Roberts Montage OSE:36
2004-02-02 515 Angel Eye for the Geek Guy OSE:40
2004-11-22 638 Fashion Trip around the World! OSE:49
2005-08-01 742 Leave it to Seraphim! - Earth Friendly Fashions OSE:__
2006-06-26 874 Leave it to Seraphim: Your Health! OSE:seraphimcheck!!
2007-04-01 982 Seraphim Check! (placeholder - coming soon) OSE:SeraphimCheckPlaceholder
2007-04-01 986 Seraphim Check - L33t Pageant Skillz OSE:SeraphimCheck!
(note: comic will be moved to 0982 on wed)