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Ph34rb0ts (or ph34rbots) are constructs built by Largo out of discarded computer equipment and cardboard boxes, apparently held together through illegal use of duct tape. Despite being theoretically able to take on hordes of zombies and requiring them to account of them in their plans, they seem to be of little use against small children, let alone zombies. Largo deployed new ones outside MegaGamers in Chapter 8. Where Largo gets the material (monitors, etc) to make them is unknown; however, it does seem plausible that he went dumpster-diving. The cardboard hazards Largo set up inside MegaGamers are related, but aren't full ph34rb0ts.


312 - First appearance
314 - Purpose is explained
325 - Explained to Erika
645 - A MegaTokyo Moment
901 - Yanagisawa meets them
906 - Forboding for Piro