Beer Garden Disaster

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The Beer Garden Disaster is a series of strips in Chapter 2 which explores the dynamics between four main characters, with consequences still felt many days later.

The story

It starts at the surprising suggestion by Erika for Piro and his friend to join with her and Kimiko. Erika claimed it was for food, yet only beer and some appetizers are ordered. Her actions do support Kimiko's assertion of Erika's generosity, feeding the boys and giving Kimiko time with Piro.

Largo spends the time describing his afternoon to Erika, complete with rampaging zombies, which Erika actually encourages. Although her neutral expression is maintained, she is tolerant until he makes an unwelcome proposal. Subsequent strips imply this conversation must be the start of Erika's interest in Largo. It's also possible Largo's offer was sincere and not a proposition.

Kimiko uses the evening to denigrate her career and accuse Piro of immoral actions. Piro belatedly realizes that Kimiko must be the railcard recipient, whereupon she returns the card and pays the difference. Both are hurt by her actions and with the alcohol's assistance, both end requiring assistance in getting home.