Chapter 5

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Strips 526633
Dates February 25, 2004
November 10, 2004
Timeframe Day 57 (Friday)
Book Megatokyo 4

Chapter 5: "color depth", strips 526 through 633 (February 25, 2004 - November 10, 2004), contains 98 story strips, 5 DPDs, 4 OSEs, and 2 SGDs.

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Important Events


Kimiko has script issues during her first recording session as Kotone, setting up the pattern of pain for Matsui while Sayuri defends her.

Erika brings coffee and donuts to the boys' apartment while a crowd gathers. Piro goes downstairs and discovers the crowd has gathered, hoping to find Erika. Erika warns Largo from defending her, but first she slips and then his hand does. Junpei enters and soon carries Largo off to the school. As a substitute teacher, Ed sets up his fourth attempt on Ping, which Largo's arrival delays. Largo leads his class on their first test.

While Yuki and Miho are both skipping classes and talking about Piro, Asmodeus and Boo find Seraphim in the park. Not long after we see her giving advice to her client, it's revealed to be a sister.

As Erika prepares herself to appear to her fans, despitegreat trepidation, Largo brings his class to test against the fanboy crowd, but while still learning how to best use them, Ed fires at Ping, prompting Erika to step outside and initiating a riot in which Piro is hurt. Erika lays down her rules for Largo. With Erika taking Piro inside for first aid, Largo continues defending until Kimiko arrives. As the riot dissipates, allowing Inspector Sonoda to kick Largo off the TPCD. Largo (and Junko) are told much more about Erika's past.

Inside the store, Kimiko takes over first aid of Piro, freeing Erika to return outside and warn the TPCD away from Largo. Miho arrives to comfort Ping. Largo gives his class a final lesson, only to have Miho give a dissent.

Erika and Kimiko start to talk about recent events but Yuki crashes the party. Erika retreats even further, leaving Yuki to ask surprising questions. Yuki again declines her drawing lesson. Kimiko and Piro flirt and clean the store while Largo finds his own way of comforting Erika. They end the work day with a bentou dinner supplied by Yanagisawa.

We end with Seraphim at the CEA backoffices fixing issues with her sisters' interference. The possible sideplot of multiple Seraphim isn't broached again after Chapter 5.