Chapter 6

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Strips 639729
Dates November 24, 2004
July 01, 2005
Timeframe Day 58 (Saturday)
Book Megatokyo 4

Chapter 6: "operational insecurity", strips 639 through 729 (November 24, 2004 - July 01, 2005), contains 80 story strips, 6 DPDs, 2 OSEs, 2 Guest strips and 1 SGD.

It was described by blackseven of the Megatokyo Forums Story Discussion board to be a "chapter of role changes" for a great many of the major characters. His views may be found here.

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Important Events


Largo teaches Erika how to assemble a computer, plus shopping tips. Piro shows jealousy at the progress of Largo's relationship with Erika. Erika leaves to go computer shopping while Largo stalks behind. Ping invites Piro to Miho's club, the Cave of Evil. Piro accepts, not having other plans.

Kimiko's recording is going well and she discovers she's booked on Aoi Mumu's radio show that night. She calls for Erika, but Piro answers and comforts her. When she calls back to thank him for his support, he lets voice mail pick it up while he goes in search of Erika. Ping tags along and Junpei is pressed in to help.

While shopping with mixed results, Erika is approached by Dom, only to have Largo intercept him with a Muffin Cart. Meimi shows up and assumes Largo is dating Erika. The pair soon pretend as if they are. Afterwards, Erika blurts a challenge which Largo declines.

Piro, still coming to terms with Largo and Erika's growing attachment, talks with Ping over pie. Back at MegaGamers, Piro can't summon the courage to call Kimiko and then Miho makes a call to him, offering to allow him to listen to Kimiko's show at the club. As Piro and Ping head for the Cave of Evil, Largo follows. While Piro listens to the radio show, Ping comforts, thinking that Kimiko rejected him. Miho's chat with Largo goes agley and when Miho attempts to coerce a response from Largo, Piro interrupts. Ping was prepared to help Piro, but Miho asks and receives her comfort instead.

While on the radio show, Kimiko takes exception to Mumu and Shigeo's condescension regarding otaku. Kimiko walks away in the belief that she handled it poorly. Her call to Piro leads to her arrival to help. Largo runs and she skillfully catches him. Piro and Kimiko have a long talk on the ride home, ending with her offer to call her Kimiko.

The evening ends for Kimiko when she arrives home and must also comfort a sullen Erika. Yuki spent the day shopping and is horrified to find her brother has an interest in her rival!