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First seen in strip 150.

Sonoda Meimi is the wife of Inspector Sonoda and the mother of Yuki and Yuuji. She is also known to have had some dealings in the past with Erika, though there are currently no details about the exact nature of that relationship.

Meimi is the first confirmed Magical Girl in Megatokyo, although she appears to have retired. As Junpei tells us, her abilities as a Magical Girl make her a potentially dangerous character. It seems that Magical Girls live by what is known as a "Code of Love" which can lead to some rather wide scale destruction. It is not known if Meimi's Magical Girl skills played or play any role in her marriage to Inspector Sonoda, of the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division.

Meimi's Magical Girl alias starts with "Myster", and she and her family are likely inspired by the anime series Mysterious Thief Saint Tail. This theory is supported by her thieving skills, her name, the fact that she apparently wore her hair up as a thief and down in civilian form and the fact that she is married to a member of the police force. The image of her as a thief is somewhat supported in the story by her disregard for property rights and her daughter,Yuki's uncanny aptitude for theft.

Of more pressing importance to the plot, Meimi currently holds the contract issued against Largo. Her reasons for taking the contract are not entirely clear. The best explanation available states that she took the contract for various reasons "as a mother, as a friend, and as a mentor."

Although Meimi is usually clothed in the modest attire that befits a family woman, some fans insist on calling her "Yuki's red hot mom."

Relations with other characters

Inspector Sonoda
Her husband.
Her daughter.
Her son.
Her brother-in-law.
Meimi likes and cares about Erika. Erika's attempts to pretend to her that she has a fulfilled love life indicate that she fears Meimi would worry or even try to set things right if she thought Erika was unhappy. Meimi sees through these attempts, however. First Shown Together: Strip 671.
Meimi pities Largo for the treatment he receives from Erika. Is also under the impression that he and Erika are dating.
He distrusts her Magical Girl ways, but is not openly antagonistic. While he knows her by her Magical Girl alias, she did not know him before they first met.
Met her only briefly. While Yuki's love-sickness did not go unnoticed by Meimi, there is no indication that she knows that Piro is the object of her daughter's affection.