Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division

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The Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division, or TPCD for short, is responsible for scheduling, supervising, and cleaning up after various cataclysms, such as zombie infestations, alien invasions, and giant monster attacks. Its name in Japanese is 警視庁特別災害機動隊 (keishichō tokubetsu saigai kidōtai), 'Metropolitan Police Special Disaster Police' (official translation as on Megagear; 'Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department special disaster riot squad' according to Babelfish).

Giant mecha and reconstruction units (with the ability to restore buildings to their previous state within minutes) are at its disposal.

It employs Inspector Sonoda and, briefly, Largo, who is hired by Sonoda after defeating Gameru with Ping's help. Largo is given a TPCD badge by Sonada. Later Sonoda fires him for not stopping the fanboy horde.

The TPCD pokes fun at the innumerable giant monster attacks, demon resurgences, and other assorted disasters that frequent anime and manga, and also answers that ever-echoed question: "How do they reconstruct the city in time for the next episode?"