Inspector Sonoda

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First seen in strip 124.

Sonoda Masamichi is an inspector for the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division. As part of this job, he helps regulate, oversee, and clean up after disastrous events in the Tokyo area. Most of these events are scheduled; however, when an unscheduled event occurs, he proceeds to the site and takes control of the situation by whatever means necessary. His job affords him the opportunity to pilot a rather large police mech, similar in style to a Patlabor. He also, apparently, has the ability to hire and fire special contract operatives who will be working under his command.

Inspector Sonoda is also a part of the only family we've seen thus far in the Megatokyo comic. He and his wife Meimi are the parents of Yuki and Yuuji. Erika's ex-fiancé Hitoshi is Sonoda's brother.

Relations with other characters

His wife. First Shown Together: Strip 150.
His daughter. First Shown Together: Strip 150.
His son.
Brothers. Hitoshi is probably a younger brother, as evidenced by his position in life relative to Masamichi, though there is no concrete evidence stating which Sonoda is older.
Hired as a special contract operative in the TPCD for his quick, creative thinking in dealing with the rampaging Gameru. Was subsequently fired for ineffectively dealing with the unscheduled fanboy horde event that put Erika's anonymity in danger. First Shown Together: Strip 350.
Former idol under the ex-idol protection program. As such, Sonoda has some degree of responsibility in dealing with events that might occur in proximity to her. His level of direct involvment with her in this program, however, is unknown. First Shown Together: Strip 598.
Relationship unknown, although it's obvious from strip 593 that the two have some sort of history with one another. Fans speculate that they likely know one another through their mutual connection to Erika. First Shown Together: Strip 593.
He showed great fear on recognition in strip 798, knowing what she attempted with Erika's fans and something of her connection to his wife (800), however, they'd been shown together before with him failing to recognize her. First Shown Together: Strip 606.
Although Piro knew Largo was employed by the police, they didn't meet until later, when Yuki happened to be in Piro's arms. First Shown Together: Strip 798.