Man Moeko

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First seen in strip 578.

Man Moeko is the informal name for a rabid fan of Hayasaka Erika and her anime series Girl Phase. He earned the name by cosplaying as the series' female protagonist Moeko, preferring the kigurumi style of cosplay where he dons a mask that looks like the character's face.

Man Moeko in his costume is truly an impressive sight, horrifying even Largo and his intrepid class. However, when Kimiko lauds his performance and, as an expert in the field no less, his costume work, he quickly becomes embarrassed and flees the scene. This may be seen as a foretaste of Kimiko's "idol capabilities." In any event, it leads Largo to believe that she is a very powerful girl. Man Moeko may be a reference to the infamous cosplayer Man-Faye, a male who cosplayed as Faye Valentine from the anime Cowboy Bebop.

Relations with other characters

Man Moeko is a dedicated fan of "Eri-rin" or "Hayasaka-hime" and her work in the Girl Phase series. First Shown Together: Strip 590.
He stands between man Moeko and his adored idol and is therefore seen as a foe. First Shown Together: Strip 589.
Her enthusiastic approval of the Man Moeko costume and routine is probably flattering, but also embarrassing. First Shown Together: Strip 591.