Emotional Doll System

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The Emotional Doll System (EDS) is a software framework developed by Sony for dating simulation games on their Playstation 2 platform. It allows the games to interface with humanoid robots which then act out the roles of the in-game characters. In fact, the interaction between game and robot seems to be rather complex. Over time, 'EDS' has also come to describe any doll which implements the software framework, even though this usage is not strictly correct; for instance, it is common to say, "Ping is an EDS."

Tsubasa, who invested in the project, describes the workings of the EDS as follows:

'EDS' allows her [Ping] to actually become one of the girls in the game. Elements of these girls will be absorbed into her basic personality patterns. Over time, she will become an amalgamation of all the girls in the dating simulations and visual novels you play.

Ping is a prototype doll for the EDS, and she's the only EDS compatible robot seen in Megatokyo. She appears to never have been used for her intended purpose, however, and her algorithims are incomplete. Obviously the system is not being marketed yet, but rumors have already spread.

Some fans have compiled an EDS "Software Development Kit", where they speculate about the inner workings of the system.