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First seen in strip 87.

MegaGamers is a game store located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Piro and Erika are employed there as clerks, and Yanagisawa manages them; Kimiko often contributes cosplay outfits to the store.

The dynamic between the workers is somewhat unusual: while Yanagisawa is technically the owner and in charge, Erika seems to have the place pretty much under her thumb. She was able to get Piro a job, for instance, and later let him stay in the apartment on the third story of the building. Some fans have speculated that Erika may actually be a partner or owner of MegaGamers and simply pays Yanagisawa to manage it, but evidence for this theory is vague at best.


The building housing MegaGamers is a converted three-story house. The front section of the first story (ground floor) is the main store floor, with shelves and a counter for the clerks to stand behind; a back area includes some storage and a break room with several game consoles. Fans have derived a fairly accurate floor plan for the first story of MegaGamers, although Fred Gallagher has stated that he doesn't have a formal floor plan, merely a general layout in his head.

The second floor primarily contains the cosplay section. Very little of this floor has been shown. It is thought to perhaps contain Yanagisawa's office.

The third floor was originally a storeroom, but Piro, Largo, and Ping have moved into it and are now using it as an apartment. This floor is not directly connected to the others; an outside door and staircase connects it to the ground. Junpei smashed that door at the beginning of Chapter 5; during Chapter 5 and the early part of Chapter 6, the only way to leave the apartment is to climb through a removed floor tile and down a ladder. It seems by the end of Saturday in comic time the door was repaired. Largo leaves through the repaired door at the beginning of Chapter 7.

The third floor apartment is one room filled with merchandise boxes. There are almost no amenities except for a refrigerator and an old fashioned toilet. Ping has created her own sleeping/changing/maintenance of privacy space along one wall using either old computer parts or merchandise boxes along one side.

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