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First seen in strip 11.

The Cool Thing is a device Largo picked up early in his trip to Japan. Nobody—not even Largo—really knows what it does; the best description we have of it is:

It's this...thing. And it's, It's has all sorts of moving parts. And it does things. Cool things! (Largo, 289)

The Cool Thing is roughly spherical, containing many parts which swing out from it; some appear to be motorized. Largo is usually shown fiddling with it, although one scene (in Largovision) shows him using the Cool Thing to summon ph34rb0ts. He also uses it to charge Ping directly from a power pole.

It was also said in Megatokyo Vol. 1 (Studio Ironcat) that as soon as the function of "The Cool Thing" was discovered (beyond Largo's delusional fantasies) that it would be available in the MegaGear shops (to which Shirt Guy Dom says "God bless America" in an obvious slap in the face of the sterotypical ideals of America's capitalism).

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