Megatokyo Vol. 1 (Studio Ironcat)

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File:Megatokyo Volume 1 Cover.jpg
Megatokyo Vol. 1 cover

Megatoyko: Chapter Zero is the title of the book including all strips from Chapter 0. It was published by Studio Ironcat in December 2002.

This book is no longer available. A new issue of the book is available as Megatokyo 1 from Dark Horse Comics. As an effect of this, this edition of Vol. 1 is a collectable.

book prep

The editing process needed for this book was documented in a series of 5 DPDs:

  • 322 DPD: book prep 1 - coverarts
  • 323 DPD: book prep 2 - resolution
  • 324 DPD: book prep 3 - art is like that
  • 326 DPD: book prep 4 - closer cover stuff
  • 335 DPD: book prep 5 - color day

Publishing information