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Dark Horse Comics is an American comic publisher (for general information see Wikipedia:Dark Horse Comics). They have published Megatokyo 1, Megatokyo 2, and Megatokyo 3.

Fred Gallagher first worked with Studio Ironcat to publish Megatokyo: Chapter Zero, containing the same material that Megatokyo 1 later would. A second volume was planned, but he switched to Dark Horse in 2003 and re-issued those books with them. The advantage of Dark Horse compared to Studio Ironcat was that, being a major manga publisher, their publications were available with a number of non-U.S. booksellers, which made it easier to get hold of the books internationally.

Fred announced in February 2006 that Megatokyo 4 and future books will be published by CMX, an imprint of DC Comics.

A collected edition named the Megatokyo Omnibus Volumes 1-3 is set to be published in April 2012.

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