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First seen in strip 44.

Kurabayashi Asako (倉林 麻子)[1] is a bubbly teenage girl who enjoys cute things, teddy bears, and spending time with her friends. She attends Daitou Gakuen Attached Middle School and is in the same class as her friends Yuki and Mami. She's very naive and doesn't seem to understand concepts such as privacy or personal space, oftentimes acting in an incredibly childish manner to achieve what are ultimately well intentioned goals. She is also very direct with her observational comments in a manner suggestive of immaturity and a lack of tact. Her English is lacking a bit more than her two friends as proved when Yuki asks Piro for drawing lessons in English, but Asako thinks she asked him out.

Asako hates to see anyone sad, though her methods for cheering people up leave much to be desired. On two occasions, when her friend Yuki seems depressed, she resorts to very unusual methods to raise her spirits, such as pulling her hair until she agrees to "stop being so sad and smile". Asako regularly employs the technique of annoying her target incessantly to acheive whatever results she desires.

Relations with other characters

Friend and classmate. First Shown Together: Strip 44.
Friend and classmate. First Shown Together: Strip 44.
Along with Mami, Asako confronts Piro to find out what made Yuki sad the night he missed the first drawing lesson. She doesn't know much about Piro, but she does know that Yuki likes him. First Shown Together: Strip 44.


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