Hayasaka Erika's apartment

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Hayasaka Erika and Nanasawa Kimiko share a fairly nice[1] one bedroom apartment located in the Takaido section of the Tokyo suburbs. It is close to the Inokashira commuter train line the girls take to work.


The pitched roof building has four separate apartments, two each at ground and second level. The second story is reached via a staircase on the end at street level, rising to a covered entranceway. Erika's front door is at the far end of the covered entranceway and opens to a foyer that leads straight into a left to right lounge/sleeping area, with a small balcony and satellite dish outside. There is a kitchen/dining area on the door side of the lounge. The bath and laundry room is through a sliding door on the right as you enter the apartment.

Relations with characters

First seen in: Strip 71.
First seen in: Strip 71.
First seen in: Strip 915 (standing just outside doorway).
First seen in: Strip 959.



  1. "fairly nice" is a quote from Fred's early character description page