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About halfway through Chapter 2, Piro agreed to give Yuki drawing lessons. He was very reluctant to give them, as he believed that enough people regarded him 'some freaky pervert or something' (especially Kimiko), and regular meetings with a 15-year old schoolgirl might complicate matters; a paranoia not helped by advice from Erika.


Yuki found Piro's bookbag early on in the comic when she and her two friends, Mami and Asako, accosted him in the bookshop as he was reading girl's manga. In a panic he fled. Before she returned his bookbag Yuki quickly fell in awe of Piro's work, in the book and online, despite his apparant lack of faith in his own work. She wrote little comments on each page of his sketchbook, all of which seem to be complimentary in some way.

A while after returning the sketchbook, Yuki visited Piro again in MegaGamers (this time with Asako and Mami) to ask him an important question. This was to ask for drawing lessons, which she even offered to pay for. After some encouragement from Erika, Piro reluctantly agreed to meet with her the following evening at the store. Despite their agreement, however, it would be several days before the drawing lesson actually took place.

On the first night, Piro lost track of time and missed his train, causing him to miss the lesson, as well. When he called her to apologize, they decided to reschedule the missed lesson to the following evening at 7pm.

On the second night, as Yuki approached the store, she caught a glimpse of Piro and Erika through the window. As she watched them talk, her mood saddened somewhat, evenutally causing her to look away. She was snapped back from her emotional turmoil by Yuuji, who had come looking to see if the rumors about Erika working at MegaGamers were true. Yuki ended up walking home with him instead of going in for her lesson.

The third attempt came on the night of the MegaGamers fanboy incident. This particular attempt got off to a very bad start, as Yuki was immediately tackled to the ground by Erika as soon as she entered the store. Although her enterance would have been reason enough to leave right then, Yuki decided to stay around mostly for the sake of talking with Kimiko. However, it appears that meeting Largo was a bit too much for her to handle, and she decides, eventually, to leave.


Following the three failed attempts, Yuki finally got a chance to take her first lesson in the afternoon two days later.

It seems that Yuki is a comptent draughtsman, good at copying, but has difficulty making drawings with the same level of emotion Piro is able to generate. The actual lesson mostly concered itself with how eyes affect emotional content. It is an interesting lesson, and is probably something that Fred would say himself, were he to give lessons.

However, while the first lesson is in progress, Miho comes in and gives a demonstration of intense emotion in the middle of the store in front of a large crowd. The lesson is terminally interrupted when Largo arrives to clear out the crowd.