Super Moe-Moe Ball

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Super Moe-Moe Ball

The game Super Moe-Moe Ball (スーパ萌ぇ萌ぇボール, sūpa moe moe bōru) was first introduced in strip 344 after Miho accepted Largo's challenge to a duel. Although Largo claimed to be skilled at the game, he was soundly defeated by Miho.

Apparently, this is an 3D-arcade style game where players float/run around in a ball, collecting powerups and attempting to burst (萌ぇ, moe) their opponent's ball. While extensive details on gameplay are unavailable, a good deal of strategy and knowledge of special moves appears critical to victory. The game is based on, and to some extent parodies, Super Monkey Ball.

Power-ups / Weapons

Although a very weak weapon in the game (and apparently readily available for pick-up), it is highly effective in great numbers. It flies in a straight line and causes minor damage upon impact.
Super Rockets
Largo's weapon of choice, the Super Rockets are a fast moving, high damage weapon, although relatively inaccurate.
Used once in a last-ditch attempt by Largo to defeat Miho, this weapon appears to be an auto-tracking ball-buster, effective for a finishing attack.
"Mew?" Cat
Cute but deadly, one tap from this fiercely confused kitty's claws results in instant death. It was used by Miho to defeat Largo.


Preferring large or powerful weapons, Largo's preferred strategy involves the shortest path to the most deadly weapon.
Carefully precise strategist, Miho's preferred methodology involves playing on other's weaknesses. Preferring subtle manipulations to direct confrontations, she would rather toss bombs from afar, but when pressed will not hesitate to attack head-on.