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Megatokyo Omake Theater: Grand Theft Colo (more commonly referred to as "GTC") is a series of "gameworld" strips that showcase the main Megatokyo characters in an alternate reality. The name and tone of the strips are borrowed from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City by Rockstar Games. As a result, the GTC series of strips is far more adult than the rest of the comic, employing such themes as extreme violence and sexual innuendo.

For more information on this series, see what Fred has to say on this subject.

GTC was included in print in Megatokyo 3.

List of strips

Date Strip Title (strip list) Title (in the strip)
2003-04-18 398 Grand Theft Colo: Tokyo, Baby! GTC:01
2003-04-23 400 ph34r d4 fr0 GTC:02
2004-02-04 516 GTC: My Poor Little Benelli GTC:03
2004-02-06 517 GTC: Mechanical Enhancements GTC:04
2004-02-09 518 GTC: Runaway Process GTC:05
2004-02-13 520 GTC: more special, little pretty GTC:06
2004-02-18 522 GTC: a hands on approach GTC:07
2004-02-20 523 GTC: 'rro seeing the lines GTC:08
2004-02-23 524 GTC: piro dead arting GTC:09
2004-02-24 525 GTC: hard reboot GTC:10


The Grand Theft Colo series is laden with references to a variety of things, including meta references to Megatokyo itself and things beyond the comic.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

About GTA: Vice City

  • The name and tone of this series of strips is very similar to that of the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Megatokyo and Beyond

  • Cologuys is the name of Megatokyo's webhosting service.
  • The lunatic with the gun in strip 398 (known as Fanboy #1) is wearing two pieces of merchandise available in the MegaGear store: the 3vil l33t shirt and the Kimiko Sad Girl in Snow blanket. This character may have been modeled on a member of Megatokyo's Story Discussions Forum, Draegos, but official confirmation of such has never been received.
  • The man with the glasses is Ukyo, the guy who runs Megatokyo's servers at Cologuys.
  • The names on the servers are Real Life, Mac Hall, and Little Gamers. All of these are other webcomics which, at the time, were hosted by Cologuys.
  • The girl in the trunk is Makoto, which is an anthropomorphization of's real server, Makoto.
  • Homicidal Piro's lines in panel 5 of strip 523 are references to commonly heard complaints by fans of the comic, most notably those who frequent Megatokyo's Story Discussions Forum. The line, "Or ask why I suddenly have black kitty ears sticking out of my head" is probably a reference to the forum response concerning strip 478, in which a pair of black kitty ears suddenly appears on Piro's head in one frame and then disappears just as suddenly in the next.
  • The note about the mini iPod in strip 524 is a reference to Fred's Applecare rant on January 24, 2004.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

About JTHM

  • The title of strip 523 is "GTC: 'rro seeing the lines". 'rro is a reference to Johnny's nickname, which is 'nny.
  • The P? on Homicidal Piro's shirt is a reference to the Z? shirt Johnny wears.
  • Like Homicidal Piro, Johnny also goes on a violent rampage in issue 3 of JtHM. When this occurs, a box points out what song he's listening to on his headphones at the time. The box in the last panel is a reference to a similar line in issue 1. (Strip 524)
  • The entire Homicidal Piro character is pretty much one big JtHM reference, including some of his dialogue, like his last line in strip 525.


About Kanon

  • The Megatokyo server, Makoto, is a reference to a character in Kanon both in name and appearance. Her love of nikuman is also a reference to this character.
  • Last Regrets, the song Homicidal Piro is listening to in strip 524, is the opening theme of the Kanon dating sim game.

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

About Shingetsutan Tsukihime

  • The title of strip 523 is "GTC: 'rro seeing the lines". "Seeing the lines" is a reference to the main character, Shiki, who sees lines across living things and other objects when he takes off his glasses. When someone cuts along those lines, the object falls apart, no matter what it is.
  • Homicidal Piro's knife is very similar to the one Shiki carries. (Strip 523)

Excel Saga

About Excel Saga


Jack in the Box

  • The head of Largoshin's mech looks very much like that of Jack, the mascot for the fast food chain Jack in the Box. (Strip 517)

Idol Project

About Idol Project

  • Miho's line, "Careful, my pretty pretty girl..." is a reference to Corvette from Idol Project. Corvette says this to another character in epsiode 1. (Strip 518)

Kiki's Delivery Service

About Kiki's Delivery Service

  • Miho's broom, bag, and hairbow are similar to those of Kiki's. (Strip 520)


About FLCL

  • The ears themselves in strip 523 appeared after the jack-head from Largoshin's giant mecha struck Homicidal Piro on the head in the 7th panel of strip 518. This is fairly similar to the kitty-ears Naota received in FLCL after being struck on the head.