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First seen in strip 216.

Matsui Takeshi (松居 猛)[1] is one of two named characters that work on the dating sim game "Sight" by Cubesoft. Nothing is explicitly known about his position in the company, but it is known that he is knowledgeable about concept art and script development, has a budget related to the game, and is directly involved in the seiyuu selection process.

Relations with other characters

Works as the seiyuu for Kotone in Sight. Matsui is initially opposed to casting Kimiko in the role of Kotone, but she is hired anyways, primarily due to Sayuri's influence.
Works alongside Matsui on the Sight project. Her relationship with him is unknown, but she appears to have a higher position than he does, as she ignores his objections again and again. However, it is possible that she merely ignores his authority.


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