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This is the German text used in #1133:

Es Lässt Sich Nicht Lesen.

This (and its translation as "it doesn't allow itself to be read") is a reference to The Man of the Crowd[1] by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe originally and incorrectly uses "Er lässt sich nicht lesen"—as this is a reference to a book, which is gramatically neuter in German, it has to be "es" (it) not "er" (he).

Fred originally used the "er" form, but changed this shortly after publishing the strip. He also originally called the image a "dead piro day Fr3i3skizze"—"Freieskizze" without the [L33tsp33]]—, but changed this to "deadpirodayfreesketch".


  1. The Man of the Crowd, Edgar Allan Poe, 1850