Tokyo Threat Documentation Project

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Tokyo Threat Documentation Project is a side story comic published on WEBTOON.


Chokage is a studio musician and producer who finds herself in a lot of trouble with the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division for excessive and unacceptable levels of public exposure for a monster like herself. What will the consequences for her actions be? Free-flow improv sketch comic by Fred Gallagher, author and artist of the long running webcomic Megatokyo.


Date Episode Title Notes
18 Apr 2020 The Consequences of Existing The first 10 panels were originally posted on Twitter on 10 Apr 2020.
23 Apr 2020 The biggest threats
1 May 2020 Sentencing guidelines
8 May 2020 The release of just walking away
19 May 2020 A Troubled Earth-Bunny Girl
5 Jun 2020 Really stupid considering what's happened
18 Jun 2020 A something girl knows what it's like
15 Jul 2020 It really gave a bunny girl some hope
27 Jul 2020 What guys into bunny girls are like
25 Aug 2020 I am not one to talk
1 Sep 2020 a failure to communicate
21 Sep 2020 The many ways to nudge you
25 Oct 2020 hearing the world normally
20 Dec 2020 Chokky sized zip-ties